FAQ: Rental of the sailboat and the cruise between Corsica and Sardinia

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Sailboat rental/boat charter in Corsica

1.  What is the best way to get to Corsica or to Sardinia for the sailing yacht charter ?

It is possible to reach Corsica in several different ways:

Arrival and Boarding.

The airport in Figari is situated about 20 minutes away from Bonifacio and there are daily connecting flights to mainland France or Italy.

Reaching Corsica by Ferry: The closest port is Porto Vecchio, and in the summertime, there the ferry leaves 3 times a week.

To reach Sardinia, the closest airport is in Olbia, which is about 45 Km. south of Palau.

Reaching Sardinia by ferry: The main port is Olbia (about 45 Km. south of Palau) and Palau is the port that is closest to our boarding point.

There are several ferries that go from mainland Italy to Olbia and a ferry that leave 3 times a week going from Genova to Palau.

2.  What do I need to do for a reservation for a cruise on sailboat charter ?

Reservations for our sailboat cruises are confirmed after having received a down-payment equal to 50% of the price of the cruise. Your down-payment will be accompanied by an official receipt. This down-payment is not reimbursable if you decide not to go on the cruise. However, we would be to change the date of your cruise if given prior notice.

If for some reason the boat is not able to depart for the cruise, your down-payment will be reimbursed entirely without any penalty.

For insurance purposes, a list of all passengers boarding the sailboat for the cruise, along with their full name, address, place and date of birth is necessary.

A contact phone number is also needed.

3.  Is there transportation from the airport or the ferry station to the Sailboat in Bonifacio or Palau ?

Answer :
There are public buses and private taxis that go to the ports of Bonifacio and Palau.

Here are some useful sites:
www.corsicabus.org For Corsica.
www.arst.sardegna.it For Sardinia.

To reach Corsica / Sardinia BOARDING.

4.  How many passengers are permitted on board a cruise with the Ocèan ?

Answer :
A cruise with 6 passengers plus the skipper is a good number. It is possible to sail with up to 8 passengers if there are small children in the group (the price is the same).

5.  Who is the skipper during the sailboat cruise in the Mediterranean, Corsica and Sardinia ?

Answer :
The skipper, Alain, who is the accompanying guide and owner of the sailboat , has lived in the Archipelago of La Maddalena for 7 years.

Always in a good mood, he has a passion for sailing, fishing, scuba diving and hiking excursions. He is always ready to share with others, helping them to discover the joys of life at sea, together as one big family with your children and friends.

6.  What is the objective behind renting a cruise onboard the sailboat, Océan, in Corsica and Sardinia ?

Answer :
This experience joins sea lovers who have a desire to deepen their knowledge of sailing and the sea. It allows them to discover new landscape and natural wonders, to enjoy being a tourist both on land and sea, and to visit places that can only be reached by boat offering you unforgettable memories.

7.  What would the itinerary be like for a cruise in a sailboat around the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica and Sardinia ?

Answer :
We offer a variety of possibilities during the sailboat cruise including:

Quelques exemples :

  • Exploring
  • sleep in the bay
  • Scuba diving with instructor
  • Diving fishing
  • Sunbathing
  • Taste the typical products from the sea and land
  • To Participate and to contribute to the smooth functioning of the sailboat and learn to navigate in family

8.  What are the advantages of renting a sailboat for a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, the south part of Corsica and the north part of Sardinia ?

Answer :
Corsica and Sardinia allow the possibility of making ones dream of sailing come true.

Renting a sailboat offers the advantage of sailing in a chain of Islands (the archipelago found in this region) and a multitude of possible anchoring areas full of secure sailing in case of threatening weather conditions. We remind you that there are approximately seventy islands within this island chain.

9.  Is it possible to rent the boat, the sailboat, or even just a cabin ?

Answer :
Yes, it is possible to just rent a cabin on the boat. Please contact us for the availability of renting the sailboat and the cost. Thank you!

10.  What is the advantage of sailing on a skippered rented sailing boat in the south part of Corsica and the north part of Sardinia ?

Answer :
There is a considerable advantage to beginning a cruise in Corsica and Sardinia; in reality, we have some of the most beautiful areas for sailing in all of the Mediterranean Sea.

11.  Even if we are just one couple, is it possible to rent a cabin for a sailboat cruise ?

Answer :
Yes, couples who are willing to take a cruise in the company of other passengers are welcome. We propose prices for cabins based on the tourist season. (Please, contact us.)

12.  Are we obligated to stop in the ports during the sailboat cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica and Sardinia ?

Answer :
The electric generator and seawater purifier on board allow us to be autonomous during our cruise and therefore, not obligated to enter into port for an entire week.

13.  Where and when are the boarding times and places for a sailboat cruise ?

Answer :
Leaving from France :
Sunday passengers embark around 12:00 P.M. in the port of Bonifacio and disembark the following Saturday in the morning.

Leaving from Italy :
Sunday passengers embark around 12:00 P.M. in the port of Palau or La Maddalena and disembark the following Saturday in the morning.

14.  Is it possible to rent a boat and go on a cruise even if with children in the family ?

It is such a joy to live all together for a week or more on board a sailboat. The sailboat offers us the opportunity to easily share company with both adults and children.

As we travel together and observe them in their universe of fun and play, they help to make us part of the forgotten world of childhood.

15.  Is the cost of the yacht charter (to take us from the boat to our shore visits) included during the sailboat cruise ?

Yes, it is included and we have a convenient yacht charter with a motor to accommodate your visits to shore.

16.  Describe a typical itinerary on a sailboat ?

You can take advantage of these frequently asked questions to help find the answer to any question you might have at voilier-ocean.com.

Please, refer to these questions & answers to resolve any doubts you may have before contacting us.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to, CONTACT US.