Discover the most beautiful marine parks of Corsica and Sardinia

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Sailing Yacht Charter among the waters of the Mediterranean Sea

1.  Where is the International Marine Park of Corsica and Sardinia situated ?

Réponse :
The International Marine Park includes the national park of the Mouth of Bonifacio (Bocche di Bonivaccio) and the park of the archipelago of La Maddalena.. Cruise Itinerary.

2.  Why a sailboat charter to discover the International Marine Park of the Mouth of Bonifacio and the archipelago of La Maddalena ?

Réponse :
There are numerous possible choices during a cruise, all relative to the weather conditions and the desires of the people on board.

There are navigational zones exposed to a steady, light breeze that permit all breeds of sailing, calm bays with sea-green bottoms, free docking and anchoring

Because of the distance between stops, the positions of its access channels that divide these stops, this chain of islands has the ability to leave in awe both sea-lovers wishing to go on a cruise with their family as well as the most expert of crews.

Bonifacio, the central point of southern Corsica, is quite a sea-lover's dream and constitutes just one of the possible stops along the way offering absolute security in its natural port.

This sailing cruise offers an extreme variety of possibilities :

Just 6 miles away from Bonifacio, we can reach the islands of Cavallo and Lavezzi (which are in the territory of Corsica). 10 miles away, we find the first jewels, which are part of the Archipelago of La Maddalena (which is in the territory of Sardinia).

40 miles further south lies the costal town of Porto Cervo, well known to Italians as the vacation spot for Very Famous People like Bill Gates and many famous actors.

The same distance away towards the north, we can reach Santa Giulia and Porto Vecchio on the east coast of Corsica, as well as the west coast of Corsica where we can find the costal town of Roccapina, the Scandola reserve (another Marine Park that in the territory of Corsica).

During this entire route, one place always seems to be more beautiful than the last.

A comment regarding the Corsican islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo :

The island of Lavezzi is such a dream come true, and the weather changes quickly during the sailboat's voyage. If one remains two days, a week or an entire season, the moment of departure makes one reluctant to leave.

The passion displayed by its uninhabited landscape, where flowers like yellow ginestra and white wild lilies, is irresistible. After having ventured here, here isn't a person who doesn't feel the desire to return.

The Archipelago of La Maddalena in Sardinia

The group of inseparable islands (Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria) unfold horizontally, and is a true paradise: They are full of beaches covered with fine sand in a crescent shape, which is perfected by dominating winter winds, crystal clear sea bottoms that give the panorama an image similar to the Bahamas, just like a vacation dream postcard, offering a wild refuge where only the birds come to interrupt the silence of twilight.

A comment regarding the Pink Beach ("Spiaggia Rosa") :

This true little corner of paradise, whose name comes from the peculiar colour of its pink sand, is a result of granite reduced crumbled to pieces producing its pink sand due to erosion and the presence of a multitude of fragmented sea micro-organisms.

A comment regarding the island of La Maddalena:

A visit to this island leaves a particularly pleasing memory thanks to its picturesque views of its small seaside town and its surrounding natural beauty. A ride along its panoramic roads that follow right along its coast offers the spectacular display of white sand and a crystal, clear seawater.

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