Sailboat Rental in Bonifacio - Corsica

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Arrival and boarding

Bonifacio, why?

The city of Bonifacio on the French island of Corsica is located about 20 miles from the Figari airport. Its natural port is well known for its absolute security.

This old city is completely surrounded by a wall with houses giving it a character of its own, and its tiny streets remind us of its history of attacks by its enemies. It holds the charm of an ancient feudal fortress while, at the same time, being a great place to berth our sailboat.

See the pictures : Bonifacio.
bonifacio island of Corsica


The town of Palau on the Italian island of Sardinia is only 45 minutes from the Olbia airport and is an ideal place offering many different possibilities for sailing

Only 3 miles away from Palau lies the archipelago of La Maddalena. The island of Lavezzi is 9 miles away. Bonifacio is 18 miles away. The well known town of Porto Cervo is 7 miles away, and all along the route.

There are so many other absolutely beautiful places that offer us the possibility to just sit back and relax under the sun.

General Information :About what to bring with you :

  • Linens are provided (Sheets, pillow cases & towels)
  • Please, bring a wind-breaker jacket, shoes that are appropriate for boats, a sweater or sweat-shirt, and anything that may be helpful in protecting you from the sun (umbrellas, sunscreen, hats, etc. . .)
  • It would be convenient to pack your things in a travel bag instead of a suitcase as suitcases take up too much room onboard.
Frequently asked questions : Life on board the boat during the cruise
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Reception and boarding procedures

If you are arriving from France :

Boarding is on Sunday at 12:00 noon in the port of Bonifacio. We plan to return on the following Saturday morning.

If you are arriving from Italy :

Boarding is on Sunday at 12:00 noon in the port of Palau.

Getting there : How to get to Corsica or Sardinia :

By plane :

Lower fares are offered for reservation made more than a month in advance

By ferry The closest ports :

  • Porto-Vecchio
  • Propriano
  • Olbia
  • Porto Torres
  • Palau
Companies :

By taxi :

  • From Figari airport to Bonifacio :
    Tel. : +33 (0)6 82 59 29 33
  • From Olbia airport to Palau :
    Tel. : +39 (0)789 563 444

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